IT Services

Over 30 years of experience designing, implementing, and supporting IT services. Networking Design can ensure that your business has the tools it needs to succeed. With many years of experience with multiple vendors, operating systems, hardware, and service providers, Networking Design can provide you with the systems you need now as well as the ability to expand in the future.

POS Systems

Networking Design has years of experience supporting various POS systems for bars, restaraunts, hotels, and retail establishments. Networking Design can be the onsite hands on solution that works with your business and the POS vendor to solve issues and keep your POS system running.


Networking Design can provide options for, install, and maintain a number of on site PBX phone systems as well as IP/Cloud based solutions that will fit your tellecommunications needs.

Application Design and System Integratoin

With years of experience in developing and supporting custom applications and system integrations, Networking Design can help design, author, and implement solutions for your business in a variety of languages on many different platforms. From stand alone applications to system interfaces Networking Design has the experience to create solutions for your business needs.

Security Camera Systems

From CATV to IP security camera systems, Networking Design has a solution that will work for your business.